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    Default Re: Do you own a bright red Nexus 5?

    It is very bright! I was a bit shocked when mine arrived. But I have embraced the colour now !

    You definitely won't misplace it.
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    Default Re: Do you own a bright red Nexus 5?

    It is brighter than it looks in pictures and definitely a head turner. Think like sports car red but a tad brighter. I love it just because it looks so different than most devices out there.

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    Default Re: Do you own a bright red Nexus 5?

    I hear it's pretty bright. Looks to be a good color if you're up to purchasing it. Let us know what you decide.

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    Default Re: Do you own a bright red Nexus 5?

    Think of a bright red and the phone is probably more vibrant. Honestly, its one of the most unique colors Ive seen on a phone. I was very shocked when I opened the box on how bright it is. But I love mine! The image on the Google Play site doesn't do it justice.

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