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    Default Nexus 5 water damage

    So here is the issue.
    A few days back, small quantity of water fell on my N5.
    I turned it off instantly. Placed in uncooked rice.
    This method worked like charm.
    Aftwr two days phone was working fine only a lot of water marks on display. So I ramped up phone's temperature and placed in rice again.
    After 2 days water marks disappeared, but there are few bright spots left.
    Pics attached.
    Pls help me in the matter.
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    Default Re: nexus 5 water damage

    You should be glad it is still operable. Not sure how to remedy the screen problem but hope someone else can help.
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    Default Re: Nexus 5 water damage

    I don't think there is anything you can do about that. Hopefully nothing else is affected and you can still use the device.

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    Default Re: Nexus 5 water damage

    The only thing to add is it's not a bad idea to rinse the phone in distilled water. Since it's already wet, distilled water can rinse away any chemicals left over in most normal water (even bottled drinking water).
    Nexus 5 on Sprint

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