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    Default Battery Life!

    I get 4:30 hours on my nexus 5, what about you guys?

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    Default Re: Battery Life!

    Doing what, might I ask? 4.30 hours of screen-on time might not be such a bad thing if you were playing an -intense- game, but 4.30 hours of standby or light use, is definitely not a good thing...
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    Default Re: Battery Life!

    I play Asphalt 8, but not always, and I play music&videos , and some apps! wbu?

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    Default Re: Battery Life!

    And how can I fix that problem, if it's a problem?

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    Default Re: Battery Life!


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    Default Re: Battery Life!

    Well, it does seem like the screen is your top battery gobbler. And 2 hours of use with 84% left of your battery is actually not so bad. Why do you say that you're only getting 4.5 hours out of your phone?
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    Default Re: Battery Life!

    because it give me 4.30! but maybe I'm wrong!!

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    Default Re: Battery Life!

    Wait for it to get down to 20-30%, then show us screenshots of your main battery screen, the fullscreen graph (for Awake time and signal strength), the Screen category (for total Screen On time), and the Cell Standby category (for Time without Signal). If you're using your phone intensively, and the screen is on much of the time, 4.5 hrs is not that unusual. The average total screen-on time per charge is around 3 hrs for me.
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    Default Re: Battery Life!

    Me, I only got 6 hours using my HTC ONE X..
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    I'm doing well with battery, I'll be honest I don't understand screen on time and all that, but I'll learn.

    I did change kernels to elemental, stopped many Google services from syncing, keep Wi-Fi off unless at home, and use battery saver option for location.

    I also disable Google Now, OK Google (hot word detection), when I really don't need them, such as work hours or when home with all of my other devices. Some would argue this defeats the need for a smartphone, but I say why allow the phone to constantly search for notifications, emails, etc.. When you're home or working when you really don't need them.

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    Default Re: Battery Life!

    When it was time for my evening charge earlier, I was down to 14% battery, Screen had used 39%, with Screen On time of 4h 44m at various brightness settings.

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