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    Default Camera slow

    My camera has gotten slow in hdr mode.

    Meaning, I hit the shutter and maybe 2 seconds later it begins the process of taking the picture. It didn't use to be this slow... Anyone else experience this?

    In non-hdr it's fast, as it always has been. I cleared cache on the camera app, no change...

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    Default Re: Camera slow

    I noticed this problem occurring the past two weeks or so on my Nexus 5. When I first open the camera, I go to take a picture with HDR and it almost seems to freeze up for 2-3 seconds before the circle starts spinning and the picture is taken. It'll do that once, but when I take pictures after that the camera is back to normal speed without the lag/freeze. Not sure what's causing it either.
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    Default Re: Camera slow

    Yup. I noticed this as well. When I take a pic, it seems to take a few seconds. I was using my girlfriends iPhone, and it was instantly taken. I wish my N5 was like that too.
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    Default Re: Camera slow

    OP, make sure the rear camera is cleaned of any smudges that may interfere with focusing - take a soft cloth and wipe away the rear lens area. I've noticed that to be an issue in the past when trying to take HDR photos.

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