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    Default Case recommendation to suit my needs?

    I just got my shiny new Nexus 7, and I'm thinking I should probably have a case or something so I can put it in my bag and the screen won't get scratch up as well as offer a little back up in case of accidental drops. But there are so many cases out there, I'm not sure which to get!

    I'm looking for something with a thin and light form factor--I like the size of the N7, and want to add as little weight and thickness to it as possible. I'm okay with increasing the overall width/height some though, if needed. I'm thinking of something like a folio case, but I'm hoping for one that can bend all the way back easily--I like holding the tablet like a book, and don't want to have to hold the case open. Acting as a stand is not important to me (I have a laptop for anything like that ).

    I'm also hoping for something on the cheaper end (at least for now), since I barely convinced my wife to let me get the $200 tablet anyway ;p

    Any suggestions for what I should look at?
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    Default Re: Case recommendation to suit my needs?

    I'd also be open to suggestions, still haven't gotten a case for mine!

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    Default Re: Case recommendation to suit my needs?

    Portenzo Hardcase, its cheap, customizable, looks great, and has Portenzos amazing customer service.

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