Hi Folks. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction - a forum, search terms, or even an answer. I've been tirelessly working for two days to get my new Nexus 7 3G (4.2) to securely browse using an SSH tunnel as a proxy - WITHOUT rooting. I routinely do this with my PC using Putty and my Ubuntu server acting as the proxy. I've also had success doing this on my iOS devices using iSSH and a few local port forwarding tricks. Since Connectbot allows for dynamic port forwarding, I thought I would be successful in getting Firefox or Opera to use the dynamic tunnel the same way I do with Putty on my PC...but no such luck. Does anyone know of ANY solutions short of rooting? No matter what I do, Firefox just ignores my proxy settings (about:config), and Opera just hangs (opera:config). My local/static port forwards work fine for all the other apps that use them. I just can't find a solution for secure web browsing. Every solution I've found on the web either doesn't work or is so outdated that the apps don't work on 4.2.

Any help or pointers would be GREATLY appreciated!