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    Default can not figure this out!!!!

    I just completed to root my nexus 7 running 4.2.1 when ever I go apkmania.co to download anything and it takes me to the download site Google chrome does not open it and say it can not connect to server. It does this on firefox for android either. It was working previously so I have no clue what could be the issue. I'm not to familiar with androids can any body please help
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    Default Re: can not figure this out!!!!

    Sounds like a site you should not be using anyway, I've never heard of it. Do they offer apps not available in the Play Store? Or are you trying to get paid apps for free?

    In the former case, be cautious installing apps from unknown sources. Can't say why the site is not working for you. In the latter case, stop trying to steal apps, support the devs.

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    Default Re: can not figure this out!!!!

    can you get to the site via a computer? just to make sure it's actually up and running and that you have the right address?
    I was able to...that site look sketchy to me. Not really sure what they do but 1996 called and they want their web designer back...
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    Default Re: can not figure this out!!!!

    Haha yea on my laptop it opens just fine, it's bugging me I mean I can do the same thing but just felt its easier to download it directly via the nexus, but yea it's horrible looking and loads to slow

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