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    Default Help me upgrade TWRP Nexus 7 to 4.2.2

    I have nexus 7 running android 4.2.1 and TWRP boot loader. The OTA upgrade doesn't work (presumably because of TWRP). Can someone explain to me how I am supposed to upgrade the Nexus 7 to 4.2.2 maintaining TWRP and root?

    I would imagine that this should be simple and straight forward, but I cannot figure out how to actually do this. I have poked around for a howto but have only found ways to flash from scratch.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help me upgrade TWRP Nexus 7 to 4.2.2

    The simplest way would be to use wug's root tool (found here). It has been reported, but not verified, that 4.2.2 needs the new bootloader to work correctly. So you can use wugs to flash to the new OS, then reapply twrp, and inject superuser.
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    Default Re: Help me upgrade TWRP Nexus 7 to 4.2.2

    I had the same problem, a nexus 7 with 4.2.1 and TWRP boot loader, but I have windows 8 and still should work the same if your using windows 7. You can't update it through normal OTA methods, you have to flash a stock factory img. to remove TWRP and then update to 4.2.2 and reroot. I followed the video guide in 2defmouze's guide, to flash my nexus 7 back to stock 4.2.1. I updated by going into settings, apps, slide over to "all", and scrolled down to "google services framework", clicked "cleaned data" and "clear cache", went back to settings, scrolled down and clicked "about tablet", clicked "system updates" and waited for it to update. I then used Wug's toolkit to unlock and root. It installs TWRP or you can install a different recovery and flash over different img. which is nice. Hopefully that should work for you.
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    Default Re: Help me upgrade TWRP Nexus 7 to 4.2.2

    I have successfully flashed jdq39 with multirom twrp recovery by tassador. Just download it from Google and flash in fastboot.

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