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    Default Is this a good cover?

    Hey guys need help, I'm looking for a cover for my 2013 nexus 7 and found this one nice. Is it good?

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    Default Re: Is this a good cover?

    IMO, OK, but the I think the Poetic Slimline raymaane recommended is better: No cutout for the back camera. The slot for power and volume controls is OK, but the individual slots on the Poetic case makes it simple to hit the correct button with eyes closed. No cutouts for the speakers. The holes in the Aliexpress case are too far inboard.

    There is no info to assess the quality of the screen protector, OTG cable, or the stylus - they could be OK, they could be junk. (The Invisible Shield protector I bought cost more but installation was EASY, and I have a horrible track record with misaligned and bubble-filled screen protectors.) I lean towards junk - the screen protector does not have a cut out for the front camera; while the Invisible Shield does. The OTG cable may be OK. I'd like one a little longer to ensure anything attached is not putting a load on the micro USB connector. Shipping - I have had acceptable experience receiving express packets from Asia, with occasional took the slow-boat-from-China. As always, YMMV.
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    Default Re: Is this a good cover?

    slimline cases only have 1 viewing angle via that flimsy little fold up at the rear. The multi-angle stand cases are better, I'd recommend those instead.
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