I'm looking to purchase a Nexus 7 after Christmas (assuming I don't get one for Christmas), but went ahead and have already started my case hunt. I really like the Official Google Case, but hate that it does not support wake/sleep and that the top and bottom are exposed. I have skimmed through these forums and see that the Poetic Slimline and Moko cases are popular, but I am not a fan for the tri-panel triangle stand it uses. I really like the stand the Official Google Case uses, but haven't found another case like it. There have been similar ones, but they all seem to be the ones where the bezel/frame are covered as opposed to where the tablet in snapped into an enclosure and the bezel/frame are still accessible.

I guess what I am looking for is something that uses a snap in enclosure like the Poetic Slimline that covers the entire back/sides, but leaves the entire screen free, but uses the stand like the official Google case and not the tri-panel triangle stand the Poetic uses.