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    Question nexus 7 root questions

    So, I received the nexus 7 last night and had some questions and curiosities about rooting the device.
    My boyfriend originally brought up the idea about the mod and mentioned how I could access apps that I wouldn't normally be able to get to and things along that line (pretty vague I know) but as I'm researching the 'benefits of rooting' there seems to be a lot of terms and overall 'basics' that I don't seem to understand.

    First off, I understand the risks of rooting. How it voids my warranty, might not work, end up with a paper weight. got it.
    Second, I have been attempting to do some research on the topic. even checking out forums and how-tos. I [somewhat] understand how to physically root my tablet.. i've heard people reference using wugfresh as the toolkit to use. Although, any other recommendations would be great.
    Third, My overall question is what benefits can I gain from rooting my tablet. Whenever I try and look it up in forums and things there are terms that I just don't understand.. So im basically asking to dumb it down for me so I can understand the REAL benefits of rooting instead of just being able to access other apps.

    Thanks for your help :]
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    Default Re: nexus 7 root questions

    Looks like AC added a root section recently

    Get 'Root' on your Android device | Android Central

    should have the info you need. For me, basically comes down to apps playstore or other that you want to use or try out. do you see any use for them? For me I have a couple like that + for rom flashing Root is something I need to have.

    Hope this helps.

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