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    Default Questions I have that directly impact the "buy" decision

    1) Is this an actual tablet or is it like the Fire basically a handheld portal for content? For example, is there an email client other than GMail; can I use alternative keyboards and such; can I access and run the full range of apps in the Google Play app section (like Documents to Go for example)?

    2) When exactly is it shipping?

    If I can do productivity work on this puppy I am in. If not then I am likely looking at a TF300 or GTab 2.
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    This is an actual tablet. It'll be running pure Jellybean and you'll be able to customize it to your heart's content since it's a Nexus device. I preordered mine and the site said shipping in two to three weeks.

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    Default Re: Questions I have that directly impact the "buy" decision

    This is a full fleged Android Nexus device. It should do anything and everything a high end android powered phone like the GNEX, ONEX or Note should do phone wise possibly without making phone calls. I'm willing to bet as a super power user and developer in the making, this device will do anything a normal android tablet will do and more. Just like a galaxy tab 7, 10.1 etc. From what I've seen of and understand from the Nexus 7 is it's one bad machine. Super fast, high power and all the resources needed to run email clients, polaris and much, much more. This device isn't even in the same category as a kindel fire. A kindle is basically an entertainment device, whereas if Nexus stays true to it's roots, you'll get the complete android experience the best way possible, VANILLA!!! YEAH!!!!

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