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    Default Share and Discover Floating Apps

    Tablets are a great way to use floating apps on, big screen which enhances multitasking.

    I opened this thread so me and every (soon to be) nexus 7 owners can discover new floating apps that makes using a tablet more multitask-able, fun, and life savior.

    I''m gonna start with a couple of apps that I think are great, give me feedback and app recommendations ( try to provide a link to the app if possible).



    FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard P by A.I.
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    Default Re: Share and Discover Floating Apps

    looks good.
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    Air Calc

    Stick it (popup video player)

    Personally i find Popcorn player much better. Try it out!
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    Pretty much the Android equivalent of Notepad. Verrryy minimalistic, but great if you want to take notes on something you're reading on the device itself. Conveniently shrinks to a little box if you don't want to actively take notes but still want it handy.

    You can output it to apps like Evernote, Pocket, OfficeSuite, etc. Although it has window transparency, it has a blaring lack of text transparency (meaning, if you make the window 50%, the text is automatically 50%).
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