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    Default Re: Oops! - Dropped and cracked Nexus 7 Screen - SOL?

    My 6 month old Nexus 7 has a cracked touchscreen just like in the posted photos earlier in this thread. The LCD display works fine, but the touchscreen is not working. Called Google. They said cracked screen not covered by 12 month warranty, and said a new 16MB Nexus 7 like mine costs $199. They said to call Asus about warranty or repair. Called Asus. They said to ship it to them, and they will fix it for $204 ($5 more than a new unit), plus I pay for return shipping cost. Asus says they would sell me a refurbished unit at a discount price only if they do not have replacement parts. They do have replacement parts, but they want $5 more than a new Nexus 7.

    At about the same time the 16GB Nexus 7 dropped in price from $249 to $199, the repair cost from Asus increased from $160 to $204.

    So essentially, I can buy a new unit and sell my broken screen unit on ebay (currently typically going for salvage price of $75 or more), for a total cost of $124 (plus shipping for "for parts" unit). Or I can end up with a repaired unit (refurbished unit that was built from my old unit) that ends up costing me about $300 ($204 plus return shipping plus loss of $75 salvage value).

    Not only will Asus not sell me a refurbished unit, but Google will not give me a discount price on a replacement for my damaged unit that is STILL UNDER WARRANTY!

    I am so unhappy that even though I love my Nexus 7, I am now VERY reluctant go buy a replacement (or any future product) from either Google or from Nexus! I need to decide what OTHER device to buy as a replacement...

    So, regarding the title of this thread, it goes beyond SOL, to a big F-You from Google and Asus. I guess they strongly telling me I cannot trust them or there so-called warranty, and they are encouraging me to buy future purchases from their competition. So be it...
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    Lightbulb Re: Oops! - Dropped and cracked Nexus 7 Screen - SOL?

    hi repaired my nexus easy ,broken LCD and digitezer hi bay separate cost about 40+40 dollar together fix about 150 p more very easy change 25 minute for fix jo
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    Thumbs down Re: Oops! - Dropped and cracked Nexus 7 Screen - SOL?

    Im in the same boat, Im scared to sell it for spares as I still have accounts open on it, and pictures and that, and cant use the touch screen to delete anything grrrr cant find any1 that will repair it, so im just stuck with it at the moment.
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