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    Default Downloaded apps not showing up.

    Downloaded a couple of apps earlier and neither icon showed up on the screen. Looking under apps they are there. They are even available doing a search. Any ideas..
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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    Make sure you check all of the home screens for the icons, just flip through 'em left and right.

    If they're still not there, just create your own by going to your apps, press and hold the appropriate app, and drag the shortcut icon to the home screen of your choosing.
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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    Where would you like them to show up? Apps don't usually automatically create an icon on one of your home screens. If they are in your apps, you can drag it to a home screen location of your preference or use a widget if you prefer and the app supports it.
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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    Agreed, but they were not listed with the apps. The only way I could see them was either via search or going to settings/apps. I reset the unit but that didnt help. So I wiped the unit (was looking for a reason to do that) and redownloaded all the apps and it works fine now. Anyway thanks for the replies...
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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    I'm a nooby to smartphone, heck to cellphone in general. I was having the same problem. I could see all my downloads in "my apps" on google play but no where else. Well I just found a solution by accident; I downloaded a new Launcher ( GO Launcher EX) and everything shows up in the new launcher. When I restarted my Shine I now had a choice of which Launcher to use. If I choose Android Home or the Go Launcher everything is available, but I choice LG Home the Apps are missing.

    Hope this helps
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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    hi! i have more or less the same situation but in my case i can't see the apps from the "apps" tab in my tablet --- it's really not in my tablet but google play indicates "installed"... where can i find the apps? my tablet is android version 4.1.1, kernel version 3.4.0+, build number is Cherry_A610_V2 --- model is Fusion Bolt.
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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    Are you sure it wasn't a widget that you installed instead of an app? Widgets don't necessarily show up in your apps list, but should be in your Widgets list.

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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    I recently did an update to an app. Not only did it remove my home screen shortcut, it also no longer showed the app in the app drawer (I looked multiple times). However, it was listed in Google Play, as well as under settings in the list of apps, as expected. I simply uninstalled then reinstalled the app via the Play Store, and everything was back to normal. If your situation is similar, do what I did.
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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    I'm sure there are many reasons for apps that show as "installed" in Google play and nowhere to be found on phone. Nowhere. I have had success with my issue as described above.

    1) I unchecked automatic updated on my phone and uninstalled google + and other google apps I never chose to download (and have would privacy policies..basically no privacy)
    2) restarted phone as a soft rest (like I had done many times before.
    3) re installed the apps I wanted and they worked perfectly.

    Culprit for me: automatic updates installing google plus. Damn you google plus for all the wasted hours trying to fix this!!!
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    Default Re: Downloaded apps not showing up.

    I for got to mention: all the warnings that u installing may cause problems had no merit for me anyways. Everything worked fine after uninstalled google everything even ones that cam with phone. They are using fear to prevent us from uninstalling their privacy stealing software. These updates can suddenly cause phone to malfunction and you don't even realize that stuff was added to your phone. Grrr....

    Advise: Going into security and unchecked auto updates is a smart bet in my opinion.

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