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    Default Rooting and Using Stickmount

    Can anyone tell me if rooting my nexus and using stickmount to extend memory via the micro USB port is a good idea>
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    Default Re: Rooting and Using Stickmount

    If you're asking whether it works, yes it does. If you're asking if you should do it, only you can answer that question.

    [edit]: If you are only rooting to use stickmount, I would say make sure Nexus Media Importer does not accomplish what you require first.
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    Default Re: Rooting and Using Stickmount

    Nexus Media Importer works without root. Costs a little over a dollar but well worth it

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    Default Re: Rooting and Using Stickmount

    Rooting you N7 is pretty darn easy, I say go for it... plus then you can run some sort of adblock app too
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    Default Re: Rooting and Using Stickmount

    I have rooted my Nexus 7 and installed stickmount. I figured out where the files are when otg connected, but now that otg is disconnected my file explorer still shows SD card with a to of duplicate files on it. What's up with that?

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