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    Default Re: Google Nexus 7 battery Problems!

    Shipped the nexus back to ASUS, got to say good service turning it round. Pity they did not cure the problem the repair sheet says\battery replaced but it still drains the battery in 10 hours in sleep mode. Got another RMA to return it apparently they will only consider replacing unit after three failed repairs. A strange thing is that when it was sent it was JB4.3 when it came back it was JB4.1.2 The case and screen are mine just wonder if they have swapped the board etc for and old board.
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    Default Re: Google Nexus 7 battery Problems!

    I have to ask, do you have these things Enabled or Disabled. If not I think you should try, and this wont do any harm to your device. Just avoid disabling anything else. Don't make the Noob mistakes I made in the past.

    This is always running in the background, I've found just Disabling this can make a huge difference

    Google Play Services
    This one is like the Centre piece for Youtube and Hangouts, probably some other things too, but I don't use them. And it will only ask you to enable it, if disabled when you start the other apps.

    Google Play Store
    I've often found this to be a pain, I only go on there to search for an App or Game, some times I skip it and try other places. Because you use it once and it stays there for a while.

    I am not entirely sure what this one does, but it hasn't bothered me since I disabled it. So I guess I don't use whatever it does.

    With only these 4 (annoyances) Disabled, I've managed to make my N7 last very closely to 2 days. That's 48 hours of enjoyment.

    Oh and I did this on 4.3, it works just as well for 4.2.2, but I can't say much more, never got around to trying the previous versions.
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    Default Re: Google Nexus 7 battery Problems!

    Got my N7 back Thursday, charged it to 100 per cent Thursday night about 11 PM, switched off WIFI to stop 4.3 upgrade. Friday AM 99 per cent. Saturday upgraded to 4.3 restored previous Apps from Google I have only used it for about 1 hour and just checked it, still at 70 per cent and has been in sleep when not used with wifi on. so it has gone from 10 hour life in sleep to 40 hours sleep plus one our use hours using 30 per cent. I have not tried to tweek any settings so it is more or less as shipped. I was fortunate as it is still under warranty. The down side is I do not know what Asus have done to it as there was no repair sheet when it was returned. For all those still under warranty it would be worth returning.. I guess as was suggested previously it has got to be a hardware problem. Thanks for all the help, will post update in a few weeks or sooner if it starts eating the battery. By the way when the unit is retuned it actually goes to Triage services Ltd, quite good service although they did have network problems this week and I did not email to say it was being returned
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