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    Default Re: Only charges while turned off

    Vast and Trunkless/vjjvjj8 I joined just to say I'm in the same position you are. Since the 4.2.2 update my Galaxy Nexus frequently won't take a charge unless I turn the phone off. But, I've found that turning it back on after it starts charging while off results in the phone continuing to charge.

    Have any of you called Verizon about this? I'm sure they'll be 0 help as usual. I'll find out soon enough.

    Do you both have the stock battery in the phone? I have a Seidio
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    Default Re: Only charges while turned off

    Hey all, I've also created an account just to keep tabs on this conversation. My GN was working fine and charging while still on. I woke up today to this problem and I've also been searching around the net for a solution. The only way the phone will charge is while it's off. Currently I have it connected to my laptop to charge but of course, the USB won't recognize that there is a device connected. (While it's on)

    Anyway, hope this is related to a software issue so that they can fix this. This is a little upsetting and now I'm thinking I might as wel upgrade to the Nexus 4.

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    Default Re: Only charges while turned off

    Ok so update!

    Last night I kept reading to see if there had been any solutions found for this problem. I wasn't really able to find one and so I turned off my phone and connected the charger to it. Today in the morning after waking up, I turned on the phone. To my surprise, it had not charged. I was very upset since now I didn't know what to do and I would have a phone that had only 14% left of battery. Came to the office and read about a possible solution.

    Clean out the USB port on the phone (check) and slightly bend the little stick in the middle to the top of the phone towards the screen. Apparently, after so much charging, the little metal sick in the middle tends to bend down. I read that you should slightly bend it up again to straighten it out. Used a letter opener and slightly pushed up.

    SUCCESS!! The phone is now charging and the computer can recognize the USB connection. (Edit: Disconnects and reconnects sometimes) As soon as I get home I'm going to plug it into the AC adapter and see if it charges like that as well. Hopefully it does and my days of woe will be over. Hope that helps anyone out there with the same issue.

    Bent the little metal bar inside the USB connection of the phone up towards the screen a little. Just a tad. Phone now charges. (still disconnects and reconnects) and is recognized by PC through USB connection. Will check once home to see if AC adapter will also charge phone.

    Second update: 10:38.
    I had to disconnect the phone for a second and when I went to reconnect it, it wouldn't charge again. I bent the little USB adapter part a little more up and connected the phone again. Works again and is charging again. Also, before the phone would be charging but wouldn't recognize that it was connected to the PC. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not....-___________-

    Third update: 5:58pm
    Ok, so I just got home and I tried to charge the phone through the wall outlet. It didn't work. It works when connected to a PC or MAC through the USB but it isn't always recognized by the machine. It does charge however. Guess I need a new phone
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    Default Re: Only charges while turned off


    i was having the same issue on a rooted gs2 with android version 4.1.2. it started from one day to the other.

    at first i thought this was a hardware problem, so i just cleaned every contact parts with isopropyl alcohol, but this, although recommended, did not solve anything. the phone only charged while it was off (usb or outlet). if i plugged the usb or electrical cable while the phone was on it would simply get warmer, but wouldn't charge at all.

    so after reading lots of threads around the net I noticed that some people have had the problem solved by doing a factory reset (which represents a software issue) or uninstalling some widgets, and this is what i did. i reminded i had downloaded 2 weather apps a couple days before and removed them right away. i also removed every single app i did not use, even games and stuff.

    bingo. phone is now charging with the usb plug and the battery is not getting much warmer. still have to try it with the power cable.

    hope it helps.
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    Unhappy Re: Only charges while turned off

    I had this horrible problem since the upgrade to 4.2.2 . I noticed that the tongue in the usb connector was off centre and I used a tiny screwdriver to lever the tongue upward to centrailse it. now I had reliable charging but only with phone off. next I did a factory reset. all ok now.
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    Default Re: Only charges while turned off

    Try this for temporary solution. This one works for me.Turn off the device, unplug it. Then plug it back in and wait for the battery image display. Once it is displayed, turn the phone back on. Got this in one of the forums I joined. Good Luck!
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    Default Re: Only charges while turned off

    I tried to reset tablet... no luck
    tried bending tab up slightly no luck
    tried the power button/down volume no luck

    i then downloaded "super toolbox 10+" an app ive used before... i cleared the cache then rand the task kill / kill all...and now Nexus 7 charges.... give it a try...clear cache and kill all task. use another app if you dont like 10+....hope it helps!
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    Default Re: Only charges while turned off

    In my case I had not noticed, but if I wait 50 seconds, the phone detects the charger or computer.
    When I disconnect, it takes around 20 secs for the phone to realize that it is not charging anymore.
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    Default Re: Only charges while turned off

    Do not factory reset it i have the same issue and i tried it and it didn't work.... try getting a new cable(for your phone) and use that make sure its for your phone, it might have the same plug but not the same power so get a new one! if that does not work (which it should) then get a new phone altogether!

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