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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Hi, thanks for answering. Yes I'm using hangouts but when I do the steps you said it says I don't have any blocked people.
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    I wonder if this might be a function of your cellular provider. Try calling them and asking them if they have any control over this.
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Hi, I ran through the whole post, but couldnt find answer for the problem I am facing.

    I am using a smart phone Lenovo A369i, which I bought about a month ago. And I have mistakenly selected the "Always Use" option after the More Ringtone option in the Settings > Audio Profile > "MyProfile" > Phone Ringtone > More Ringtones...

    Now whenever I tap on More ringtones (attached screenshot), I cannot select any saved file from my SD card.

    The "Clear Default" button is disabled in the Settings > Apps > Drive (i mean google drive)

    I do not want to reset all app preferences. Can you please assist?

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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, your attachment won't open. I'm trying to understand clearly what your situation is--what did you specify to "Always Use" when selecting the More Ringtones option? Did you actually select Google Drive? This would seem unlikely, since Google Drive keeps files in the cloud, not locally. Do you remember if you selected some File Manager app? Different phones may come with different stock file managers, and some don't have one at all. Check your Settings>Apps>All list, and see if there's anything called File Manager, My Files, or something similar--then select that app and tap Clear Defaults. See if that helps.
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Thanks for your response..

    Well the situation is that.. Previously When I used to select the More Ringtones, it used to give me two options, in the "Complete Action Using" list.
    1. Drive (that is google drive)
    2. I do not remember what it was, may be it was file manager
    3. If there was a 3rd option, I am not sure about, as I never used it, I dont remember

    Whatever the options were, the second option seemed to be the most appropriate and I used that one, and it used to list the music files in my card.
    But now it is not asking for any options? just directly opening the app for google drive in offline mode.
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Not sure how to solve this besides the Reset All App Preferences option. It's not that bad--you'll just be prompted to select your defaults again each time you need to, and all Disabled apps will be re-enabled, so you'll have to Disable them again.

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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Oh it all just got sorted. I figured what was wrong.

    I actually never selected the Always option for google drive.

    My phone used to be running out of the memory, it always used to show a memory utilization of about 90%-95%.
    So I had disabled about 10 apps that I do not use, from the Settings > Apps > All.
    One of them was the Google Play Music (I use the VLC beta version so I thought I can play music with this, and so do not need the one provided by default). These were dafault apps so I disabled instead if uninstalling.

    Now after my last post I realized that it might be happening for this reason.
    The correct option that I used to select was the "Google Play Music" and it used to list the files from my card.
    I just enabled that app, and now i have that option again.

    I appreciate for your response. People really get a lot of help through your suggestions.
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Great! Glad you figured it out, and explained it as well, because that will also be very helpful for others in the same boat.

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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    yeah explained just for that reason.. as it seems this situation was not encountered by anyone on the thread yet
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    I still can't get my Reset of Just once / Always... I have cleared all defaults and it still will not use my gallery for uploading photos to Facebook or pages manager. I accidentally chose photos that had been taken with the camera on phone for always vs. Gallery for all albums (scrapbook. downloads etc... ) I can't get it back. Can anyone help? Galaxy Note 3
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    The following is the correct procedure to reset the Just Once/Always. This is app specific so you'll have to do this for any app you're having issues with

    Tap the device menu button
    Tap Settings
    Locate the Application manager
    Swipe to the left until you get to the All section
    Scroll down until you find the application that's set as the default (such as gallery or photo's)
    Tap the entry for the application
    Tap Clear defaults

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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    In addition to what ffejjj described, you can also reset all app preferences by going to Settings>Apps, and tapping the menu button at the upper right, and tapping Reset App Preferences. This will do a universal clearance of defaults (and will also re-enable any disabled apps).
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    I need help

    I accidentally pressed the "always" instead of "just once"on my LG Optimus when sending a picture from my gallery now i can only send pictures from. My "drive" how can i change this back ?
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Quote Originally Posted by bibiz_20 View Post
    I need help

    I accidentally pressed the "always" instead of "just once"on my LG Optimus when sending a picture from my gallery now i can only send pictures from. My "drive" how can i change this back ?
    Look at the 2 posts above yours
    Owner of a replacement Htc One... Till something better comes along
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    Lightbulb Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    go to setting then more then application manager then scroll left (ALL) then press menu button then reset app preferences

    be HAPPY
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    SETTING apps or application manager then all then menu button then reset button
    if need any thing mail me.mmshahzad34@yahoo.com
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    SETTING apps or application manager then all then menu button then reset button
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Does anyone know how to change the actual apps that appear in this dialog box?? I have a Note 3. it comes up with an App called Photos when I Want ot play a video. Photo's won't play a video and I'd like to remove it from the Just once /Always box?? Similarily how would you add an app that isn't listed there to be a choice within this dialog box??
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    Smile Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Thanks buddy
    I was looking for this issue since long back. Today i got the solution by your post . Great!
    thanks again
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    Default Re: Resetting "Just Once/Always"??

    Go to Application Manger in Settings and select the All tab (note:there will be downloaded, sd card, running and all) then touch the three lines on the left of the home button Resetting "Just Once/Always"??-download.jpg and choose reset app preferences............

    Hope it helped
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