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    Default Share apps but not emails!

    Hi all

    Apologies if this has been asked before...

    I have iPhone, daughter has iPod, we can share apps as I created her an apple id attached to my iTunes account, but she doesn't see my emails.

    How can I now do this on the nexus 7 my son and I both have? I don't want to have to set him a gmail address as he's only 8 and don't want him getting into my emails, also want to share the odd app I pay for. Even if I try and disable gmail on his nexus emails are all still there, is something like perfect app protector the only way to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance for suggestions
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    Default Re: Share apps but not emails!

    User profiles in Android 4.2 will be the easy answer. You should see the OTA update soon.

    In the meantime, clear the app data/cache, turn off sync, disable the app, and hide it from the app drawer.
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    Many thanks, didn't know about disabling or clearing cache! All is good

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