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    Default Re: "Hey, is that the new iPad Mini?!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Solutions Etcetera View Post
    It's called better marketing, apps, and user experience. Nexus tabs still have a lot of catch up to do and some folks don't want to wait for it.
    I agree with the better marketing. More apps maybe, but not necessarily better. And user experience is subjective. I got bored of tinkering with my wife's iPhone pretty quickly when I was helping to set it up.

    Edit--sorry, posted this after a bit of the discussion on this had already occurred!

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    Default Re: "Hey, is that the new iPad Mini?!"

    Hmmm i wonder how people confuse the two?? Sometimes i forget that some people really arent into electronics
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    Default Re: "Hey, is that the new iPad Mini?!"

    It's like confusing a Jaguar with an Aston Martin with a Maserati with a Tesla Model S. They all have fairly similar designs. You have to be a bit of a connoisseur to tell the difference.
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