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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    I faced some problem like you. After then I bought a charging lead from Shopguard Canada. Now I have used this charging leads and It has no problem.
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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    Lengthier the wire more the resistance hence loss of power. And voltage is low generally 5v. So i guess you should avoid very long wires.
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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    Okay, heres the deal with these Female & Male usb charger extensions, heres a little diagram. Imagine your wall socket. Lets just say you have a normal rate of about 120v. in your charger base there is a little fuse and a capacitor. Think of it as a governor on a school bus that only allows it to go a certain speed. But instead it limits the amount of Volts going through the wire, through the CPU of your phone. And directed to your battery. This is a little trick I learned. On your charging base there shold be little letters. Such as 5.0V but older ones have 5.1V of max Volts (higher the volt of the base, = more power allowed through the wire = a quicker and more efficient charge.)

    I use a tablet. And I have a VERY hard time getting a quick charge. This is the deal with those. If you have an extension, those volts that are going through the wire take longer to get to the device, because of the cords length. Also the tablet is using the power its constantly being supplied with from the wall socket. So the shorter the wire the quicker the charge.

    Got any questions? Just reply to this comment.
    I'll be glad to help (:
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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    Volts do not go through the wire. Current (amps) is conducted through the wire. The longer the wire the more resistance to the current. End result is less power reaching the device.
    The speed of the current is constant and will not be slowed by longer cables.
    I disagree with most of your post.
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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    Are you selling these yet where can i find one and how much is it i would like to charge my note 2 from greater distance without the power loss
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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    I fell upon this post looking for pros or cons about using usb extension cables for powering devices. I think most of the info in the above posts is very good. There are a few points that people need to focus on, that many above have mentioned. The only options are to get a higher amp output charger, I think the largest is 2amps (I could be wrong) and depending on the wire length this might not help either. For most if not all mobile device chargers the voltage will always be the same (5v). Or the other option is to get a single usb cable the length you want and NOT use a usb extension. Your biggest amp loss comes from these areas: the male-female connection, wire length, and wire gauge....all resistance loss. I am just recapping here.....just re-read the posts!!
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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    Hello everyone,
    I think the problem is only if the cable is intended for usb charging or data. If the cable is for data it will carry roughly 0.5 A so it will charge your phone very Slowly. If it is for charging it might be able to conduct up to 2 A. Before buying, we better Check the cable specifications about how much Volts and Amps it can carry. That's all.
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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    Thanks for your post.

    I'm only looking for about 6-8 feet of USB to charge a Samsung Galaxy tablet (in a kiosk).
    It is always plugged-in, so we aren't too concerned about "speed" of charging. We do need "reasonable" power as these things are always "lit up" (never sleep).

    The Galaxy tablets have a micro USB port in them (we use a nifty right-angle plug that winds through the enclosure- sorry - TMI) and uses the standard-issue Samsung white plug to the wall. No intermediary "brick" is used in these tablets, which seems to be the norm these days with "modern" generation mobile devices. The power is modulated in the plug unit apparently (so as not to over-supply the tablet with power).

    What options do you suggest for 6-8 feet of cord? Will using a Female-to-male extension standard USB charging cable diminish our effectiveness to the point where we would notice? Should we stress about this, or just get a good quality 6 foot to 8 foot extension at Fry's or online at Amazon. Do you have a great place online or a favorite brand to order such pieces of equipment that are dependably high quality (large gauge, etc)?


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    Default Re: USB cable extender length affects charging current?

    Where can I buy it? Can it maintain 2A current over a distance of 15 feet extension cable? Alternatively, do you sell 15 - 20 feet long micro-USB charge cable?

    Thank you.
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