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    Default Launcher/ROM Question

    Need a little help. I'm wanting something that I will allow me to move the navigational buttons to the left side of the bar. When i mean navigation bar, I'm referring to the back button, home button, and recent apps button at the bottom of the screen.

    Am I needing something as easy as a launcher or will I need to flash a ROM to achieve this? Thank.

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    Default Re: Launcher/ROM Question

    No clue is it is easy or moves those buttons but this is a good video for N7 Launchers. I'm just not into making it look cute....

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    Default Re: Launcher/ROM Question

    As far as I know there's no launcher that will let you change that. It's possible that a custom ROM might though, so especially if it is one based on a larger 10" tablet (the 10" tablets are the ones I have seen with the navigation buttons pushed to the left).

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    Default Re: Launcher/ROM Question

    You need to root, but you don't necessarily need a different rom. You can do it by modifying the stock system.

    Definitely more involved than just installing a launcher.


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