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    Default Re: How do you exit Chrome ????

    To add fuel to the fire, I am here because after two years of dealing with some days only 6-7 hours of battery life, I noticed that Chrome is using up to 5% of CPU while in the background. I wasn't exiting it because there is no way to, and Android makes it seem like killing an app is NOT the right thing to do. I have a lot of experience in tech so I know when it is ok and when it isn't but I still don't like doing it because it is completely awkward. I had watch dog installed but Chrome seems to skate right under it. This kind of app design is *absolutely wrong*. In my opinion it should be an embarrassment for any app designer, but for Google to do this.. need I say more.

    This issue has cost me money for extra batteries, and to miss various important messages after my battery has died unexpectedly at times even before lunch.

    That said, I'm glad I know what the problem is. I sill think Android is the way to go, since these kinds of issues are a drop in the bucket compared to the walls put up by Steve Jobs.
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    Unhappy Re: How do you exit Chrome ????

    On my phone (Galaxy Note 4), I can close all tabs and it will close Chrome.
    On my tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1/15), I can close all tabs and it will leave me on a black screen with a menu icon in the top right, and a + icon in the top left. If I check the task manager, it shows 0% CPU, but still sucking down 8.68MB RAM (plus who knows what else, file handles, etc.)

    There's no free rides. If something's open, it's using resources. What's weird is that these are the exact same version of Chrome (according to the version number anyway), but they act differently. VERY annoying!
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