1. Omienice's Avatar
    Long story short, I received the Nexus 7 as a gift from someone at Google. However, when I tried to update the Google app, it said the app wasn't signed. So i tried a bunch of things. Now I am trying to put on stock 4.2.1
    This is the 3g version.

    Tried to do everything and when I tried to fastboot the stock image, I get a message that

    Device version-baseband is '1231_0.10.0_1020'.
    Update requires '1231_0.10.0_1021'.

    How do I go about getting this thing to work?
    12-15-2012 09:53 AM
  2. Nicolas Pipitone's Avatar
    Not sure if you got this fixed but I found on another site that you have to flash the radio first.

    "flash radio radio-tilapia-1231_0.10.0_1021.img" or whatever the radio file you have is.

    Do this after you flash the bootloader but before you do the update part.

    Hope this helps.

    12-17-2012 09:15 PM
  3. cognus's Avatar
    go to xda forum and get Mark's Nexus 7 Toolkit , install it on your pc, put the device in fastboot and hook it up. pretty much everything you can possibly need will be there on his menu. and send him a donation - it is fabulous work
    12-18-2012 09:51 AM

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