1. Craig_AVFC's Avatar
    i'm looking to buy the new Nexus 7 32G wifi + 3G but the Google play store has sold out. i have been looking around some sites but all seller are from the US would the tablet still be compatible over here in the UK? e.g. the Google store and if i was to go onto a UK network such as three, T-mobile would i still be able to use 3G ? please help, would be much appreciated.
    12-16-2012 06:59 PM
  2. kimikookskookis's Avatar
    if your carrier supports GSM it will work. Over 200 providers worldwide work with it
    12-16-2012 07:16 PM
  3. CGleas85's Avatar
    Absolutely will work
    12-16-2012 07:16 PM
  4. Craig_AVFC's Avatar
    12-17-2012 12:13 PM
  5. Craig_AVFC's Avatar
    would i be limited on the google play store though? as i think some things are US exclusive.
    12-17-2012 04:53 PM
  6. CGleas85's Avatar
    Yes you would be limited on the market to UK. They are the same models sent to UK or US .There is an app that you can use called tunnel bear to make it act like its in the us but I don't know if that works on playstore. And returning may be a Hassl if you have to send it back to US as there seems to be a few that have issues but 32 GB should be better idk I have 16
    Craig_AVFC likes this.
    12-17-2012 06:19 PM

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