12-23-2012 10:22 AM
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  1. pretext's Avatar
    Why do you have 2 N7s?
    One for each hand.

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    12-22-2012 05:06 PM
  2. THHT's Avatar
    Can I assume, like most forums that there are 10 people with good experiences to every 1 with a bad one or does the new N7 just have lots of issues in general? I'm not seeing very many "good" posts about this device but then again on most devoted message boards you don't see that either.

    Just curious, I'm reading all of this and getting scared what I bought isn't any good......
    I'm actually wondering the same thing about my problems. Are there really people with COMPLETELY PERFECT N7s or are they just people who are unaware or incapable of noticing such problems?

    My problems with a month-old N7 32GB:
    -Very slight screen lift on left/middle side. Makes a quiet creaking noise if you apply pressure to the tablet between your fingers or if you press in the back of the device a little.
    -Multitouch problem if my N7 is on a flat surface. If I place my N7 on a flat surface and attempt to do multiple simultaneous touches, some of my touches will not register or will 'flicker' on and off continually, even when holding down your fingers on the surface. A lot of people seem to have this problem.
    -Screen flickers a little (barely noticeable most of the time) on lower brightness settings. It's as if the tablet is having trouble figuring out what your brightness setting is for a split second.

    A bunch of people seem to have the same problems and these are people who have thoroughly tested their N7s or 'know' what to look for. I don't want to presume too much, but I imagine quite a few people who are 'completely satisfied' either don't notice the problems other people are having (even if they really do have these problems), haven't actually thoroughly tested their devices by following the proper instructions to recreate said problems, or are simply incapable of knowing what's 'wrong' with the device because it's their first tablet and or they're blinded by its 'nifty-ness'. A clear manufacturing problem, like the screen lift/creaking cannot be denied and I'm starting to believe that the multitouch issue is actually more widespread than people are aware of because they haven't needed to use more than one or two fingers to do what they want to do with their N7s. On the flip-side, you have moderate to expert electronics users who can gradually or immediately see the inherent problems that exist on this line of tablets (most of which post their problems online).

    That said, most of my problems with the tablet are easy to 'work around', but it would be nice to have a tablet without such blatant manufacturing problems (even if it's 'just' a $250 tablet). The tablet becomes more costly when you're constantly RMAing/shipping your N7 to ASUS to find that 'perfect N7' that may not even exist.
    12-22-2012 05:16 PM
  3. other mr ed's Avatar
    Had my n7 since mid Aug. Zero issues. Zippo. Due Nada.
    I dont screw with it, no boot loader or rooting. I write sw all day and leave the the driving to Google. Its my browser of choice except for eBay where I want to see what I am buying so I use my main PC.

    I can access all my files /movies on PC via es file explorer too. Only issue is some avi files don't play but vlc will fix that shortly.

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    12-22-2012 07:39 PM
  4. daniela33's Avatar
    I love my n7. Only issue I've had was the screen flickering, and I fixed that by turning off auto brightness. Easy peasy lol. How can someone not notice their device has a problem @THHT....
    12-22-2012 08:50 PM
  5. philba's Avatar
    @teralpar - Because I got a 16 GB model when they first came out and then moved up to the 32G when it came out. I guess I should say "My sons and I have 2 N7s" to be precise but that just sounds odd..
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    12-22-2012 09:08 PM
  6. THHT's Avatar
    I love my n7. Only issue I've had was the screen flickering, and I fixed that by turning off auto brightness. Easy peasy lol. How can someone not notice their device has a problem @THHT....
    You shouldn't have to turn off auto-brightness to fix the screen flicker. It's a 'workaround' for a problem that ASUS didn't check for and it somehow slipped through their designers, engineers, and quality controllers.

    As for people not knowing there's a problem with their devices: The various problems for this device range from obvious to subtle. The screen flicker, for example, shows up in various ways and in varying degrees of severity. Some may not notice it if their unit's flicker is not as severe as someone else's. The screen lift is another issue, which ranges from subtle to moderate severity. My N7's screen lift is very small (a few millimeters), but what makes it more obvious to me is that it creaks when pressed in any way, ie., just by holding it with one hand. Others have worse screen lift while others seemingly don't have the problem. The problem has become prevalent enough that ASUS began removing screws from inside the unit to limit this problem. It goes without saying that there are people out there with screen lift and they don't even know it, that is, until it becomes severe enough to warrant an RMA because they see it themselves.

    A missing month from the Contacts app is more obvious to people who use the app. Others might not notice it all.

    I've worked with electronics/computers for a long time and notice these problems very quickly. Someone like my mother does not. Some people just have the eye for details, but these problems are not always inherently obvious. The gradual lag one gets when filling up the tablet with files. I'll notice it, but someone else might not. Simple.
    12-22-2012 10:06 PM
  7. compsmart's Avatar
    Well here is a good post my man. My nexus 7 is running perfectly and I have not had any issues. Like the user above me said that these are more like customer support forums. So if you want to see the bad before you buy a android device or the worst case scenarios then you come here. I strongly back the nexus 7 and have converted many people from the terribly over priced ipads to the nexus gen. Either or man you bought a damn strong tablet that is better than almost anything out there until of course tegra 4 comes out with its beast like specs...
    I fully agree with your comments! I have not posted anything here because I have not had a single problem with the N7 I purchased back in the late fall for my 5 year old's birthday. Overall, I am very satisfied with it and think that it's an amazing buy.
    12-23-2012 08:38 AM
  8. Westpix Photography's Avatar
    One hint might be no network issues as mentioned, for business or something.
    I have three Macs running and 4 monitors and multiple external drives, one is a laptop for mobility. Uses vary, one is stand alone Photoshop machine, The other two are for general use, one mobile as mentioned. The n7 will be in my camera bag so I don't have to hike around with laptop. Question for me is why not go iPad. But everyone has reasons. If the n7 works out I may also get another. For 300 it was a cheap trial outside the Mac world, I can drop 300 on a wireless trigger pretty quick.
    12-23-2012 10:22 AM
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