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    Default (Solved) Help Reading ePub Format!

    Hi all, I'm the proud owner of a new Nexus 7 I have one issue for the moment though.

    I have some bibles in ePub format on my computer, and I would like to open them In Google Play Books. How would I do this? I would rather not use a 3rd party app, like Moon+ because it is pretty slow and clunky from my experience. Google Play Books works awesomely for books you buy through Google Play, but I don't know how to open books outside of Google Play. I'd even use Amazon Kindle for Android, but just from some preliminary Googling it doesn't seem to be able to read ePub. Any help would be cool, thank you
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    This is the BEST ePub reader, trust me on this:

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    Default Re: Help Reading ePub Format!

    That's not bad, but I'd also like to be able to add notes for free. This one requires a paid version for the ability to add notes to the text. Play Books and Kindle do not
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    The Nook app from Barnes and Noble works great with epub. You just put them in the nook directory under my documents. The app will find them.

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    Works awesomely. Thank you!
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    feh, i did not like Aldiko's interface. there are plenty of other choices - see here for alternate viewpoints:
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    I know about aldiko and booky, but I prefer booky, it's very simple, and very fast (browsing of book, author page on wikipedia, amazon reviews, descritptions, adding books, configuration of screen...).
    Sadly it only reads epub format, though...

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