1. fogroach's Avatar
    I'm having a frustrating problem with Vice City on the nexus 7 - whenever I try to drive straight the car always veers to the left, in any car I pick up. Scooters and bikes seem to be fine. Anyone else have this problem? It's pretty unplayable the way it is.

    Can I get a refund if it can't be fixed?
    12-24-2012 11:39 AM
  2. mr_nobody's Avatar
    You can change the controls. It defaults to gyroscope which I hate. I switched it to joystick like in gta3.

    I would guess your gyroscope is off. There are apps you can download to test this and possibly recalibrate.

    [edit]: By "off", I mean not centered, not turned off.
    12-24-2012 12:48 PM
  3. fogroach's Avatar
    I switched it from analogue steering to standard. Still have the same problem. What apps can I download to recalibrate?

    I don't have an option to use gyroscope at all, just analogue and straight left and right.
    12-24-2012 01:24 PM
  4. mr_nobody's Avatar
    Gyroscope = accelerometer. I am using analog controls with accelerometer set to off. I assumed your problem was accelerometer miscalibration but if you have it turned off I have no idea what your problem is.
    12-24-2012 03:34 PM
  5. fogroach's Avatar
    I seem to have solved it. Disabling the acceloratormeter seems to have done it.
    12-24-2012 04:20 PM
  6. Jguimond2011's Avatar
    Help me please... using an LG G3 and I keep getting a crashed load up when GTA Vice City loads but doesn't get to the actual game....
    03-27-2016 05:28 AM

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