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    Default And Yet Another Ereader Query

    Downloaded a book to the pc, connected Nexus7 to same and created Ebook folder in the Nexus. Copied the book to the Nexus. So far so good.
    Now the question - how do I get that book onto the shelf in my Moonreader + app? I know someone out there will come through for me. Thanks

    Finally figured out a path (/sdcard/Ebooks) - Ebooks being the new folder that was made to import books from pc to. Moon+reader 1) My Shelf....2) Import Books - found in dropdown menu - 3) set new path as above. Done!!
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    Default Re: And Yet Another Ereader Query

    I don't use Moon Reader anymore, but I think I remember it actually copied books into its own library folder.

    Import the book into the library from the Moon Reader app and it should appear.

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