1. NickFromHouston's Avatar
    Hey gang, been awhile since I last posted here, I wanted to post my (very) rough first video. I'm using a couple VGA cameras, a graphic I whipped up in a couple minutes in MS Paint, and clearly I'm no professional, but I ramble a bit about how I first got my N7, what I've used it for, and I try to impress just how it's exceeded my expectations. Constructive criticism is welcome, but keep in mind I didn't have an outline, and it's entirely ad-libbed.

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    12-30-2012 01:44 AM
  2. Dubbin1's Avatar
    All I have to say is sit still and stop swiveling in the chair ;-)
    12-30-2012 04:13 AM
  3. NickFromHouston's Avatar
    Haha! Yeah I noticed that once I reviewed the video. I was pretty hyped up, apparently.
    12-30-2012 12:58 PM

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