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    Default Which Nexus 7 to buy?

    I'm an experienced PC user but as yet have not bought a Tablet. As much memory as you can afford was an old maxim so I would go with a 32GB version. But do I need 3G?

    I dont understand the term "mobile data"? Does this simply mean accessing the Web or Emails when away from a WiFi point? This would be the same as I experience with my Kindle 3G excepting that the network charging is absorbed within Amazons charges.

    I understand I would have to buy a Sim card from a service provider and that its an Open setup?

    I take this to mean I can get the Sim from several network suppliers and just choose the best deal?

    Can I buy a Pre Paid Sim card as I wouldnt want to enter into a monthly contract?

    Sorry! if these seem very basic questions

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    Default Re: Which Nexus 7 to buy?

    Well I think that getting data on a tablet is pointless, just something else you have to pay for. But you would have to go with AT&T from what I've read, and you use a SIM card. But if you have a phone you can just tether it the to the Nexus 7.

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    Default Re: Which Nexus 7 to buy?

    You can also get a sim and data plan from TMobile.
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    Default Re: Which Nexus 7 to buy?

    From what I've read here, you are not tied to AT&T. Some are using T-Moble sims. I haven't used the 3g yet, but like having it there for when I need it. Have been using with google voice on mine for VOIP and it works great. Thinking of dumping my phone, which the 3g would make possible. And yes, mobile data means data without a wifi connection.

    I think the old maxim is still true, never enough memory. Movies and videos look great on this thing, and with a program like on your PC, you can convert all your stuff (dvd's, and even win media center files) to whatever size n format you like and always have it at your finger tips. will even play raw media center files if you like.....

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    Default Re: Which Nexus 7 to buy?

    Thanks for the replies so far. I should have said that I'm in the UK so those telephone providers may not be applicable here.

    Also, being a retired senior I only have a very basic, pay as you go, phone. To me its just a phone box in my pocket to make the occasional call from. So the tethering of the Nexus 7 to it is not an option.

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    Default Re: Which Nexus 7 to buy?

    Well, if T Mobile will work here, then any GSM (sim card, which I think is what you have there) provider should work there...

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