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    Default Dropped N7 - no won't turn on

    Hi folks,

    need some help here. I dropped the N7 today, it was a distance of less than 2 feet onto carpet and now the unit won't turn on. No screen cracks, no dents, nicks, or otherwise. I've already left it in the charger but I'm getting nothing. Any thoughts/advice? Thanks
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    Battery connection....

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    Default Re: Dropped N7 - no won't turn on

    Fantastic - just read that in another post too. I actually had to completely re-seat the battery and have this 1/2" gap from the battery to the left edge - ridiculous design flaw!
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    Default Re: Dropped N7 - no won't turn on

    I don't know that I would call it a fault. It means the battery is replaceable, plus allowing the largest/heaviest component to break away probably saves most from more permanent damage....

    edit: sorry, misread your post. Sounds like the sticky pad may be bunched up under the battery...

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