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    Default Re: Support useless - I guess I'm throwing out my tab and buying something else

    Quote Originally Posted by mathelm View Post
    Perhaps, but you have to admit that you handle could be seen as a tad tranny....
    Thank you for that image :P
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    Default Re: Support useless - I guess I'm throwing out my tab and buying something else

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeLip View Post
    That would be too simple to work But hey, I'm gonna try it! How do you REALLY feel about Motorola? :P
    Try it, the phone I'm talking about is a SGS3 that I got for my sister and Sam's didn't give a hard time about it.

    About Motorola, I was fine until they began their stupid road to broken promises and not caring about their customers Solid devices, but I'm not getting on their bandwagon any more!

    Sent from my Photon 4G that Stupid Motorola will not upgrade to ICS or any other newer form of Android because they're a bunch of lying bastards (and deserve to go to hell!) using Android Central Forums
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    Default Re: Support useless - I guess I'm throwing out my tab and buying something else

    Hey guys,
    So I was at a loss a few weeks ago.
    Since getting my Nexus [from Currys/PC World, UK] on the day it came out [32GB version 30th September] it has refused to update to 4.2. It kept prompting me to update, and whenever I said ok, the droid guy would fall over with a red triangle and exclamation mark. Every single time. I finally got annoyed with it [if I didn't click okay, it would just ask again 30mins later].
    I contacted Asus. Very mixed review of their customer service.

    Person 1: I gave them the serial number that's featured under settings on the device. I was informed this was the wrong SN, that the one I had provided was the Android SN, not the Nexus SN. I told them what was wrong with my device anyway, and they told me I could return it to them for repair under my warrenty. As long as I could find the SN.
    Didn't keep the correct part of the box. SN number was no where to be seen.
    Person 2: I explained that I couldn't find my SN number anywhere. They told me to open the back of my Nexus, and that if I couldn't find the SN, I couldn't return it. They then ended the call.
    I even removed the back of the device under the instruction of a customer support rep from Asus. Even then, no SN number. Lots of stickers, none of them with an SN number.
    Person 3:: I called them, explained that I was at a loss, and didn't know what to do. I explained that I had even looked at the inside of my Nexus for the SN, and couldn't find it. She asked me for the SN from settings.. so I gave it to her and told her that I had been told this wasn't the correct one, and she said "That's fine, I can use it to find your serial number on the system" which she promptly did.

    I'm sure you can imagine how annoyed I was at Person 2! And the SN that Person 3 provided me was no where to be seen on the device.
    Device was picked up on the 21st Feb, received by them on the 22nd [in the Netherlands!] and is due back by FedEx tomorrow. Fixed [Hopefully!]
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    Default Re: Support useless - I guess I'm throwing out my tab and buying something else

    Quote Originally Posted by B. Diddy View Post
    Go to Settings/About tablet/Status. The serial number should be listed there.

    Edit--oh wait, stupid suggestion, since you can't even get the unit on. Sorry!
    Thanks a bunch, this suggestion didn't help the OP, but I didn't know it was there and I immediately went to my N7 and made a note of the SN. Might save me some heartburn in future, as my N7 doesn't have a sticker either.
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    Default Re: Support useless - I guess I'm throwing out my tab and buying something else

    This is why (in the UK) I like to register any appliance or gadget I buy, or my ownership of such an item, with the manufacturer, if they offer the facility. It's recorded in their system then so any problems further down the line aren't dependent on still having the box or being able to turn the item on. Also means they can contact you for product news, recalls etc.

    In the N7's case, I'm looking at the box, and it shows a P/N, a CSSN, and a SSN. For the purposes of the ownership/device registration page, it was the CSSN they wanted, and that was duplicated in Settings, About tablet, Status, Serial number. Here's the URL:


    An unexpected bonus. After I registered the device, ASUS sent me a 10% voucher for accessories, which I used for the rubber travel case and the official dock.


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