Hello everyone..

I finally got my Nexus 7 this past Tuesday.

Tried setting it up yesterday and got stuck on the Wi-Fi page. Read several posts here about others having the same problem. Today I went to a restaurant in town that has Wi-Fi and was able to connect there just fine and finally get it set up. But the important thing is to get Wi-Fi at home.

We have a Westell 7500 Gateway router (connected to my computer) so the other computer in the house can also get online. I have the Westell set up on the N7, but It shows the SSID name with a lock next to it. When I open the SSID screen (which I can do because the password is in there) and press "Connect" nothing happens. I can't connect because of the lock. Is there some way to penetrate the security?

I've been emailing with a CentruryLink person (they provided the Westell) but have had no luck working with them.

I hope you can help me resolve this problem. It's so frustrating