1. George Harrison's Avatar
    I have a Nexus 7 that I just purchased at Wal-Mart. It had been in their inventory since late November and has a build date of no earlier than November 2, 2012. The box had only one security tape on the inside.

    As has been reported by others, the screen exhibits a very slight "lift" along the left long edge...I'd estimate it between .0005" and .0015". It is dead flush around all other edges. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it degrades further. I am using the silicone ASUS Travel Cover on it (P/N:90-XB3TOKSL00070-) as it fits like a glove and is very "grippy".

    My question relates to the "CSSN" which appears as a strange set of 15 alpha-numerics starting with "015d" and ending with "00b". What does this identifier relate to and are they unique to each unit? Any informed feedback will be greatly appreciated!

    The "SSN" shows this one to be a recent C90 build batch.

    Go Forth and Live
    01-19-2013 02:51 AM
  2. mathelm's Avatar
    I think it's 16 digits. But my guess, considering where it is under the cover is that it's some sort of NFC ID number......?

    I'm thinking like for google wallet payments, on even file transfers (the back to back thing)....

    01-19-2013 03:55 AM
  3. George Harrison's Avatar
    You are correct. It is 16, not 15, characters long.

    It may be related to the 'beam' feature as you suggest, but there is no documentation to confirm.

    Any other ideas or info welcomed!!

    01-20-2013 08:50 AM
  4. royal hussar's Avatar
    May the Good Lord help us if loads of people start trying to pay like this..Can you imagine the queues building up.. Most people in the UK struggle to use a debit card cos they forget their PIN.This really is technology for technology's sake. Hate it sorry.
    01-22-2013 06:33 AM
  5. George Harrison's Avatar
    Well, the CSSN doesn't really matter for me anymore. My five (5) day old Nexus 7 bricked this morning, exhibiting "no boot" and wouldn't even display a charging notification screen when plugged in to the charger. This is the second (2nd) defective Nexus 7 I've had in the past two weeks.

    My impression, so far, is that present generations of non-iOS tablets are experiencing teething pains that can likely be traced to designs pushed to market without benefit of comprehensive life-cycle testing. Such is the world we live in.

    I think I will step back and see where this product segment goes.
    01-22-2013 06:02 PM

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