1. RussB80's Avatar
    Has anyone got the Epson SX445W all in one Wireless Printer, and got it to work with the Nexus 7 Tablet, or is this not possible.

    I would appreciate any help of advice, Many thanks in advance.

    01-26-2013 07:39 AM
  2. Minkey1's Avatar
    Yep, I have that printer. I installed the Epson Print app on both my phone and N7 and it works fine.

    01-27-2013 05:15 AM
  3. RussB80's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply Mike, I have installed that app so maybe my problem is with the Printer, it`s nice to know there are no compatability problems.
    01-27-2013 06:55 AM
  4. Minkey1's Avatar
    No worries Russ. Yes, the app recognises my printer, and the Play Store lists the app as compatible with my N7 (and phone for that matter).

    TBH I don't use it *that* often from them - any printing is mainly from my laptop across the home network - but it's good to have it.

    Works easiest for photos, as Epson Print is an option in the sharing/sending list for a pic. Web pages are a bit more clunky. The way I do it is to copy/paste the URL in to to the Web Page Print option in the app. There may be a better way, not sure.

    Hope you get it going. Good luck.
    01-27-2013 07:16 AM

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