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    Whoooosss...was in for a shocker today. My nexus 7 failed to open Gmail, chrome etc., so I turned it off. But to my horror, it never came back. It would show "Google" then the welcome logo (the coloured criss cross four lines), but it would stuck to that only. I tried switch on, switch off, boot loader menu and all kind of tricks, but nothing helped. Before switching off my nexus was low on battery. So I kept thinking it to be a power issue. Charged it for various lengths. But nothing came out. Then I went to boot loader once again, in there to recovery mode, there I pressed power and volume up button. Bang came the command mode. Factory reset was an option, but the hard work of last four days would have been lost. So I selected the "wipe cache partition" option and bingo it worked. I realised that it was due to my heavy app downloads that the memory got jammed. When it was cleared everything was fine. I am happy, but sad also for the fact that the Ram of 1 GB is not sufficient. I have a few big games, movies filling up all but one GB of my storage. But still one GB was free other than Ram. Whatever, I have got OTG cable now and will not clog my nexus anymore.
    Hope it may help someone.
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    01-30-2013 10:33 AM
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    I would like to ask how you have movies on your N7 and also able to watch them. I am new to my N7 but and my GS3 but not to Android

    I just can't figure it out.


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    Clearing the cache partition can be a useful trick on any Android device--it tends to work well with the Razr Maxx if it gets a little slow.

    Keep in mind that the 1GB of RAM is not for storage, but instead is used by the Android OS to keep app processes in memory so that they can be started back up quickly when you come back to them. Android manages the RAM intelligently--if you haven't used an app for a while and more RAM is needed for a new app that was opened, then Android will close the first app. For the most part, it works seamlessly, but sometimes there can be a glitchy app that starts eating up CPU cycles while hanging out in the background, in which case actively killing the app can be helpful.

    To watch movies on your N7 (legally), you need a DVD ripping program like Tunebites by Audials on your PC. This program can legally convert a movie from a DVD or Digital Copy into a file that can then be transferred to your N7 (via USB connection to your PC or wirelessly using an app like AirDroid) and viewed using the stock video player or any number of 3rd party apps. The stock player is limited to only a few formats (MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 AVC, and VP-8), while 3rd party players like MX Player can play many more. Please note that you won't be able to play the original Digital Copy movie files if you transfer them to your N7, due to the DRM copy protection--that's why you need to convert it.
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