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    Default Using the New charging dock and an OTG cable combo?

    Ok so I've been researching the nexus 7 and see a lot of Interesting things that can be achieved I personally have only owned the Device for a few months but have been fooling with the software side of things and see a lot of potential, mainly with Canonical's Ubuntu installer for this Tablet, from what I have been able to gather up to the release of the Official Docking charger getting the tablet to charge and use the same port in Host mode was Either extremely difficult of impossible, however with this new additional accessory that issue seems to be solved, anyways my question is; Does anyone at this point have any Experience with this combination at all, Have you been able to successfully set up a tiny Ubuntu machine composed of The Nexus 7 , a Pogo Charging Dock, and an OTG Cable connected to a Keyboard and mouse? or is there something I am missing that would prevent this from functioning? Sorry if this has already been posted just wanted to get this Question out there.
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    Default Re: Using the New charging dock and an OTG cable combo?

    I can't answer your question about your specific setup, but I've been able to get the combination of Nexus 7/Jellybean 4.2.1/docking station/OTG cable/flash drive to stream video. See my thread:

    What are you doing with your docking station? (pics)
    What are you doing with your docking station? (pics)

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    Default Re: Using the New charging dock and an OTG cable combo?

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