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    Default Can't update to 4.2.2

    Originally my Nexus 7 was rooted, and when it tried to update OTA it failed. After that it was still on 4.2.1 but would no longer find the OTA update. I factory reset the device, and it found the OTA update and failed again. I wasn't able to flash it with TWRP either. I finally unrooted it and flash stock recovery, relocked. It found the OTA, tried to install, and gave me an ERROR and little droid image with the warning symbol. What do I do now? Is there a way to totally reset it more? I'm thinking about selling it off and getting a fresh device.
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    Default Re: Can't update to 4.2.2

    Use the wugs nexus took kit to flash a 4.2.1 factory image which will make your Nexus 7 just like new and then do the OTA update to 4.2.2.

    It really makes it simple.

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    Default Re: Can't update to 4.2.2

    flash 4.2.1 didn't work. I flashed 4.1.2, and then it was finally able to update to 4.2.2
    Thanks anyways

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