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    Default Camera Problems

    Namely, it's TERRIBLE. I downloaded the Nexus 7 Camera Starter app and the image quality from the camera is atrociously bad.

    Is there anything that can improve the image quality of pictures it takes?
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    Default Re: Camera Problems

    The front facing camera is really meant for video chats like Skype, Gtalk, etc. Use a digital camera or your smartphone to take pictures. The next N7 will have a good second camera for regular pictures. I think there is a way to get pretty hi-res video from the current N7.
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    Default Re: Camera Problems

    The camera wasn't really meant to be used for taking pictures. Like Groid said, it's only for video chats where the low res camera helps with bandwidth.
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    Default Re: Camera Problems

    Yea, the front-facing camera isn't ideal for taking still shots, and it was never meant to. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything at all that you can do to improve its quality.
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    Default Re: Camera Problems

    You might try Camera JB+ It's an improvement over the Camera app, but you aren't going to get terrific pictures from this camera.

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