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    Default Credential Storage???

    Hello Everybody!

    I recently upgraded my stock 2012 Nexus 7 with the Android 4.3 update and am having a bizarre issue. I went to add a new VPN and it began prompting me for a password to access credential storage! First off I have no idea what this is so I googled it and only found a few forum posts (they were back from the ICS days!) but not much else. Everyone said just to get it wrong so many times and it would reset itself just erasing any old VPN settings so I sat there and typed in random garbage 3 times until it said it has erased credential storage but it still keeps prompting me for a password and when I type something in it just keeps giving me a small pop up over the keyboard saying credential storage erased! I have never entered any type of credential password and I tried all of my standard set of pwds with no luck!

    Is there some sort of generic key I am missing? Please help!
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???


    First post, so be nice. I also have a Nexus 4, which isn't exactly the same hardware, but I had exactly the same problem and whilst I'm not entirely sure how I got round it, I seem to be ok now without any sign of the password prompt. I too was being prompted for a credential storage password when I clicked on the 'VPN' section within Settings > Security, where I hadn't before. I hadn't set up a password for it either. I used to use a simple app called 'VPN Shortcut' to jump to the VPN section in settings to fire up my VPN to a home VPN server.

    I did a couple of things that seemed to do the trick:
    • First I disabled my screen-lock pattern thing (Settings > Security > Screen Lock > None).
    • Then I exited out of all that and went to my applications tray and clicked on the 'VPN Shortcut' app.
    • I then ended up at a screen telling me that I couldn't use credential storage without setting up some sort of lock-screen - I followed the prompts to set up a pattern
    • Voila, I was at the VPN page, without my old Home VPN, but I just set it up again and all seemed fine.

    I no longer seem to get the prompt asking me for my credential storage password, so it seems to have worked.

    Rhyme and reason are unfortunately absent though. This happened to me after the OTA update a few days ago.


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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    Thanks Jamie. Whatever you said worked like a charm.
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    It did the trick! Tnx!
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    Thumbs up Re: Credential Storage???

    Works for password - loop for Wi-Fi certificate install also. Thank you very much!!! Been looking for it for days...
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    Hi Jamie. Your instructions worked perfectly for me too. I'm delighted by your modest account of your apparently serendipitous route to a solution! Cheers, Richard
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    Android 4.x

    Credentials Password

    Settings > Security > Clear Credentials > "OK" > More > VPN

    Problem solved
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    For me it was a bit different but this solution helped me figure it out so thanks! For me, I didn't have a Screen Lock set in the Security options. Once I set a pin I no longer was prompted to enter the password on my Nexus 7 (2013). I verified the same on my GS4. Great post.
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    Thanks, hotrodcal. Your post finally made sense. Once I set a screen pin, I could get past the credential storage password challenge on my HTC One M8. HTC live support told me it was a carrier issue. What do they know.
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    Thanks, works like a charm!!
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    Quote Originally Posted by Karthik Venkatesan View Post
    Thanks Jamie. Whatever you said worked like a charm.
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    You need to have a security measure ( pattern ) activated and it won't ask you for a password anymore.
    Thanks for the credentials reset tip.

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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    hiii champ,

    just change your screen lock to PASSWORD or PIN - instead of pattern r slide
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    Default Re: Credential Storage???

    I have a samsung galaxy note 2 with android 4.4.2. I have the same problem with VPN. I have encrypted my phone with a password (6+ characters), so switching to other lock methods or disabling lock is not an option for me. Is there another method without having to install third party VPN software? If so, I would really appreciate it if someone could share it.

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