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    Default Having trouble with video

    hey folks. having trouble playing sideloaded video. i have KK 4.4.2.

    i sort of just got the device, and today was my first attempt at watching a sideloaded video. my go to is mx player, but i'm getting a message about "unsupported android version". it did not prompt me for a codec, and would not even launch beyond that message. I then tried a VLC player, and it kept crashing. Then i tried to download RealPlayer, and the playstore does not even have my n7 highlighted as an option. weird.

    i finally downloaded mobo player, and it is working fine.

    am i doing something wrong? the movies play fine on my other devices....never had an issue before. would love some player recommendations as well, but i'm primarily concerned why i'm having so many issues. have no idea if this is a KK issue or a N7 issue, as again today was my first attempt.
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    went with Dice player today myself. MX player gives EVERYONE that message (am sure it will be updated). possibly vlc player has issues with the update too. and probably, realplayer does NOT work with the N7 (?), not sure, but that might be why it doesn't show up.
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    Thanks my friend. I did not know that MX player was causing trouble for everyone.

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