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    Default how to find out if digitizer works properly in broken nexus 7 (2012)

    Hi, a few days ago i broke my nexus 7 screen . There is a huge crack on the screen and the touch works only in a small portion of the screen. The display is coming right though. How can i check whether i need to replace LCD glass only or i have to replace the screen along with the digitizer?
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    Default Re: how to find out if digitizer works properly in broken nexus 7 (2012)

    I would not try to just replace the glass only. Unless your mega experienced, and even that is risky..

    Easiest thing is to buy a new complete screen with digitiser.. Take out the old one. Heat gun or hair dryer required to soften the adhesive strip holding the screen in.. Google for detail how. Many clips online.

    It's literally 15 minutes to do if your experienced. Give that 30 minutes if not. Tricky part is removing the broken screen. But easy if you follow the many videos online showing how.

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