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    Default Google Nexus 7 (2012) Sonos Advice Required


    Looking for a bit of help - I have a Nexus 7 (2012 32gb) which I would like to link to a Sonos system probably type 3 or 5. To save space I have most of my music downloaded onto a WD 1TB external hdd which requires an separate power source. Now, using a micro USB and Nexus Media Importer I can definately link the hdd to my Nexus and play my music files (albeit the media importer interface isn't the best !)

    SO my question is if I buy a Sonos player can I use my Nexus to play the music files preferably without the use of the media file interface ? Has anyone tried something like this before or is there an app I am missing that would make this easier ??

    cheers for any advice !
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    Default Re: Google Nexus 7 (2012) Sonos Advice Required

    While I have never tried connecting external storage to my Nexus 7, I do have a Sonos system (which I love) and a couple of Android devices. If the music appears in the local device music library then the standard Sonos app may play it as they introduced local device music play back on Android in the latest Sonos update. I have however only used this for music stored locally on the device (it works for music on the SD card in my S3) and I have never tested it with USB attached storage. Another couple of possible options are an App called Macronos that can push any music that the Android Google Play app can play out to a Sonos speaker (so if Google Play will play it then this option will work) and another App called BubbleUPnP that is a music player/streamer app and can not only push music stored locally on the device to a Sonos speaker but also anything stored in a cloud Dropbox or Google Music account. Again I have never tested these with a USB attached storage drive.

    Bottom line is it should work if the device is seeing the music as "local" if it isn't then you will need to upload it to Google Music and then use Bubble UPnP to stream it from the cloud and push it to the Sonos speaker, use a PC to store the music or get a NAS device that Sonos can access directly (controlled from the Nexus)

    Apologies that this isn't a definitive answer but hopefully it at least gives some food for thought

    Cheers Pete

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