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    Default Nexus 7 stuck on the X screen.

    My nexus recently shut down due to 0% battery, and after charging it for about an hour I tried to turn in back on, but it ended up getting stuck on the X screen (the one after the google screen). I have tried every thing on recovery mode, letting it run out of battery and various other things with no success. I hadn't done anything strange with it before it died the first time, any suggestions?

    EDIT: On recovery mode screen it says:
    PRODUCT NAME - grouper
    VARIANT - grouper
    SERIAL NUMBER - 015d2d42d6501009
    SIGNING - not defined yet
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    Default Re: Nexus 7 stuck on the X screen.

    Try and clear cache. Use this guide:

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    Angry Re: Nexus 7 stuck on the X screen.

    Mine was out of warranty, so Google declined to replace it or fix it. It seems to me that either they are very sloppy when they send updates to the device or it is all a planned obsolescence to make you get a new device (although why would I pick an Android based tablet again?)

    On my first call to Google, they told me to wait 2 days for the device to finish installing the update. Since that did not work, they told me how to reset the device. It didn't work either.

    You should not be paying for a new device or repair if nothing you did made the device unusable. You were not at fault of breaking it. In my opinion, they should replace your device.

    For the technically inclined, fixing it by flashing a new ROM may be just a new challenge. But for the regular folk it is just money in the garbage.

    Alone I may not have a case, but if you want to pursue legal action against abusive business practices, let me know. Together we may avoid this from happening into the future. We may even avoid generating electronic garbage. For now...I may start collecting Nexus 7 devices stuck on boot and make an art exhibit.
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    Default Re: Nexus 7 stuck on the X screen.

    That's a bummer, but the unfortunate reality is that devices, and in fact any kind of tech, can fail. How many times have you heard from a friend (or experienced yourself) about a piece of technology that just went past its warranty period and started having problems? Cars, computers, TVs, dishwashers, you name it. It's hard to pinpoint what your problem might have been, so was it an issue with the hardware or the OTA update, or some interaction between the update and existing software? Difficult to say. But I wouldn't go as far as calling it an abusive business practice. When a warranty expires, it expires, and the company has no obligation to help for free--if you want further coverage, that's why extended warranties exist (or why lots of credit cards double the warranty period of things you buy).
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