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    Default Accessing Mobile networks on Google Nexus 7 with mobile data device

    I recently purchased a Google Nexus 7 (2012) 32GB, WiFi + Mobile data, Unlocked. I added the required SIM card and tried to access the Mobile Networks Settings using menu options
    Settings > Wireless & networks > More. The only visible options are Aeroplane Mode, NFC and VPN. The menu presented does not show the Mobile networks & Mobile Plan options.
    I have tried other SIM cards working successfully on similar nexus devices with no success. I have tried a factory reset several times with no success. The device works great on wi-fi but i really need the mobile data option to work. Any ideas on how to enable the mobile data settings?
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    Default Re: Accessing Mobile networks on Google Nexus 7 with mobile data device

    What company SIM are you using? Is it a new one or pulled from another device.
    I have one from AT&T and T-Mobile. Both require me to register and purchase a specific data package for 30 day period. I usually do this right before a trip I and I know there is no Wifi available

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