Nexus 7 2012 with latest Android updates installed.

Problem is, at first it froze during use, no response, to anything, so I held down power button to turn it off, Turned off. Set it to charge (was low on battery.).
This morning, I went to turn it on, stuck on "Google" start screen (left it for 30 minutes like that).

Go into fast boot, try all the options, Recovery Mode DOES NOT work, goes to Google screen and comes up with "Booting failed", over and over, only options after are:
"Restart Bootloader", which turns off the tablet.
"Power off", the only button that actually works.
"Start" which again brings up the small "booting failed".

I have tried Nexus Root Toolkit, using "Flash Stock+Unroot" and Re-installing Drivers. Nothing works.

I have been to Carphone Warehouse and they wanted 180 to send off for a fix (Haha no). I might as well buy a new one, but I would rather not, considering money is an issue.

Thanks for all your help!