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    Default Nexus 7 won't charge after months uncharged

    My nexus 7 screen was broken so I never use my nexus7 anymore. I just left it there and I guess it drained out all the batteries since it has never been charged for months. Now I've replaced the screen, my nexus7 won't even charge or turn on when it's plugged to power socket. I tried all methods suggested by the support page, pressing power for minutes, power and volume down/up, charging via pc and power socket, plugging and unplugging battery cable, charged overnight, tried everything I could find on google and nothing works. Plug to USB and my computer doesn't even detect a hardware is connected.

    No battery charging indicator, not even weird lines on the screen as some ppl have encountered. Is the battery completely dead now after months uncharged?
    Please help me, spent so much to get the screen replaced and now it's not working at all.
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    Default Re: Nexus 7 won't charge after months uncharged

    Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, your battery is probably irreversibly drained. If lithium batteries completely discharge (which probably happened if it wasn't charged over the period of several months), then they can't be recharged.
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