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    Unhappy Help! Wifi problems

    First off, i would like to say thanks in advance ^.^ and sorry for your time.

    My Nexus 7 has been given to me during Christmas and i have been using it ALOT. But recently it has been experiencing some problems. The tablet would not connect to my wifi.

    First time this has happened it was 1-3 weeks ago, I checked the little thing and
    oddly enough, it was out of my home wifi. I tried connecting to it but it just went from connecting... to saved secured with WPA/WPA2. After a while of repeated finger tapping and head scratching, I noticed the "WIFI bar" or signal strength located on the right side go from: excellent or good to poor when i press connect. This was very peculiar so I left it on charging and went off to do something else.

    After 1-2 nights or 32 checks, I saw it got connected to my internet (yay!). After a while of catching up with my bud, I decided to go do something else, and sure enough, the nexus decided to kick out my home wifi. After a few days it would suddenly connect. It always seems to remove the wifi when I leave it on the charger, strange (Or maybe that's the only place I leave it on). Then a few days ago, the wifi left again. I thought it would connect again since of past incident, but it didn't (very impatient).

    So today i decided to surf the web to find a solution, none seem to work, so what the hell? Why not a factory reset? After the FR, I tried to setup my device, but was finding it hard to bypass the "SELECT Wi-Fi" part. It happened again (sad face).

    But i learnt something new. I tried another wi-fi which had a 'good' signal (more or less), and found it happening to it as well. The signal strength would turn 'poor'.

    Thanks for reading my sad + long story.

    I now it might be a lost course but can someone please help me?
    Other people can connect to my home internet.
    (This is my last resort, not a factory reset lol)
    My nexus 7 is the old version (2012)
    (Made account just for this) ^.^
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    Default Re: Help! Wifi problems

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